Travel Day – Lake Conroe

San Antonio, TX to Willis, TX

All travel days are exciting, but our move from Mission City RV Park in San Antonio to Lake Conroe RV & Campground Resort in Willis, TX has several things going on that make it stand out.

First, the campground in San Antonio had several obstacles strategically placed to make pulling out difficult. If any one of them was removed (including just having a shorter rig) it would have been fairly simple. As it was we made it out safely, but with a lot of planning and coordination.

Next, Texas has this penchant for high swooping and curving overpasses. This trip took us on our highest one yet. That could have been very exciting on a windy day.

And finally, something as mundane as backing in can be exaggerated if you don’t practice it. We haven’t needed to back in by ourselves for months. It went smoothly, but we were thankful for a large flat site.

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