Travel Day: Grand Ecore RV Park

San Leon, TX to Natchitoches, LA

A long travel day to begin with (311 miles), plus a few unfortunate mishaps led to a long and stressful travel day. On the upsides the scenery was beautiful, we have some exciting stories, and we have a new favorite campground.

We got a little lost after a rest stop and had to turn around in a new development. Then, when we arrived and were setting up, Munchlax wasn’t paying enough attention in the playground, ran headlong into the playset, broke a tooth and got a good gash on an eyebrow.

We both have the Garmin RV 890 GPS. Mine had a bad update and stopped working before we hit the first stoplight. It does this weird thing where the vehicle location doesn’t match the actual road and shows the vehicle driving in a lake or through buildings. In hindsight I should have just taken ChimSta’s but instead I switched to my phone which doesn’t have the ability to route based on the size of our rig. Then we had dueling GPS instructions, and hilarity ensued.

This is my favorite travel video so far as the “French bluegrass” music and the Louisiana scenery mesh nicely.

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